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Alpha Omega Publications
AOP provides award-winning PreK-12th grade programs for home education.
AOP Products
Find the perfect option for your homeschool family's needs with Alpha Omega Publications.
Weaver Curriculum
Students thrive with the Weaver Unit Study ! It's a popular hands-on, activity based curriculum.
Homeschool from anywhere in the world with Monarch
Whether you're at home, on vacation, or halfway around the world, you can homeschool anywhere with Monarch by simply logging in online! Featuring 5 main subjects and over 115 electives.
As AOP's first print curriculum for grades K-12, is a tried-and-true mix of tradition and experience.
AOP! The ultimate homeschool experience!
AOP has been providing curriculum for grades PreK-12 to homeschool and Christian school students for over 40 years.
Homeschool Curriculum
Innovative award-winning PreK - 12th grade curriculum designed for independent learning!
AOP Curriculum
Find the perfect option for your homeschool family's needs at Alpha Omega Publications.
Free Placement Tests
Ensure your perfect fit and avoid learning gaps with free placement tests from Alpha Omega Publications.
AOP's Award-Winning Homeschool Resources
AOP has been providing PreK-12th grade homeschool resources for over 40 years.
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