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Kwork Cashback

About company

Kwork is a freelance shop for 500 rubles.

All freelance services on the site cost 500 rubles. No tenders or negotiations.

Simple . Making an order is no more difficult than making a purchase in an online store.

Fast . The average lead time for any orders is only 1.5 days.

Safe . The contractor receives payment only for the completed task. 100% money back guarantee in case of delay.

The main mission of Kwork is to make freelance online convenient, simple and safe.

Target audience portrait

Geography: Russia, as well as Russian-speaking countries of the near abroad

Demographics: Prevailing audience age 25-35

Additional data – Two types of target audience:

The main one – site owners, webmasters, hired managers (all freelance services for the development and improvement of sites and groups in social networks are suitable)

Additional – all people ordering on the Internet (servants of slideshows, video and text greetings, portraits, photo processing, legal and accounting advice, tutors are suitable)

Benefits for buyers

Range of services . About 70 thousand services. There are services for any person – from a businessman to a housewife
Ease of ordering . All services are described by sellers and offered for sale in the form of kwork (this is the name of a service unit on Kwork). Each kwork indicates the scope of work (what is included in this service) and the deadline. The customer simply selects the desired kwork and orders in one click
Fixed price – 500 rubles. Any service on Kwork costs 500 rubles. No need to puzzle over why one freelancer estimated the work at 300 rubles, and the second at 5,000. With a fixed price, it is always clear how much and for what the buyer pays. And if you need more than indicated, you can easily order several corks at once.
Lack of lengthy negotiations with freelancers. Kwork is a store, not an exchange. There is no need to announce a tender and wait several days for an offer from freelancers, write a technical assignment, choose for a long time and discuss the conditions of the problem with each. Everything is much easier on Kwork. I made an order – I got the result. Communication with freelancers is kept to a minimum.
Safe payments. Payment is transferred to the contractor only after the customer has confirmed the completion of the work. If the contractor did not fulfill the order as indicated, or did not meet the deadline, the buyer can immediately cancel the order with a full refund.

Benefits for partners

Kwork is a new, rapidly developing service. Freelance services are in demand and every year the demand for them only grows
Range of freelance services – more than 70 thousand of various services are offered for sale every day. You can pick up freelance offers for any audience and any task. Offer your users services tailored to their interests
There are many thematic services on Kwork, for example, New Year and other holidays greetings, fitness services, specialist consultations. Offer your users original services that are hard to find on the market
Low price of the service – 500 rubles – one of the cheapest on the freelance market
The fixed price and simplicity of the interface will help to quickly get used to the service even the most inexperienced customer


Kwork has so far been promoted in the market of webmasters and site owners, other groups of buyers are almost not involved. This is a new market and great opportunities

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