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Lacoste is one of the most famous and most recognizable European brands, founded in 1933 by the great tennis player Rene Lacoste .

Today, without abandoning its sports roots, the Lacoste brand presents a wide line of casual and lifestyle clothing. The boutique presents a full line of men’s and women’s clothing for everyday life and active pastime. Here you will find fine knitwear of the highest quality, elegant jersey sets, stylish dresses and blouses, shirts, trousers and a unique color scheme of the legendary petit pique polos that have become the hallmark of the brand!

Now,   LACOSTE   is the only original sports brand to be featured at New York Fashion Week.

LACOSTE  has a sophisticated style that emphasizes a strong personality. Following all the latest fashion trends, the  LACOSTE  brand retains its very special look. These are clothes created for pleasure, comfort and ease of being of its owner.
No wonder the brand’s slogan translated from French reads “A little air on earth”!

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