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Earn Cashbacks for purchases from the advertisers on! Earn extra rewards for engaging with us and sharing Marketteo love with friends and family!

How does it work?

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Registration is quick, easy, and gets you early access to sales, first dibs on new products, and cash back for future purchases.

Pending status

Each new purchase will have Pending status. It means that current order is assigned to user. Then, merchant can approve this order or decline it (Approved status and Declined status). Make sure that you understand that merchant can take few weeks before he approve order. It means that you will not have commission and can’t pay it before order will get approved status.

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Every purchase gets rewards, with no minimum spend. Whether it’s a new computer, hot accessories, or gaming goods, you’re rewarded.

Approved points

Approved points can be changed to real values. For example, you can sell your real products on site for points, you can restrict access to parts of site based on points of user, you can change points to gift cards or send users money on their Paypal or bank account.


Earn up to 6% cashback on merchant site purchases. PLUS get bonus rewards from reviewing our products, completing your profile, and referring friends and family.

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Fill up a simple form for PayPal payments.

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